Free Download PDF Of HTML And CSS

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will share PDF of HTML and CSS  book and I will also mention some detailed information of the book.

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Information Of the Book

Free Download PDF Of HTML And CSS

Title: HTML & CSS
Size: 50 MB
Page: 1,107 Pages
Page Color: Color Page
Year: 2014
Author: Andy Harris
Country: New Jersey
Branch: Computer Science
Chapters: 8 Parts with some chapters
Edition: Third Edition

The author of this book is Andy Harris. I heartily thank the author for providing such a wonderful book PDF of HTML and CSS. All credit of this book goes to author Andy Harris.

Well, guys, if you are preparing for how to code HTML and CSS then this article is for you. This book is very useful for those who want to gain knowledge in HTML & CSS.

What is HTML & CSS?

The HTML & CSS are the programming language used to design the website. The HTML is used to give a text on the website whereas CSS is used to give color to the website or text.


Part 01: Creating The HTML Foundation

  1. Sound HTML Foundations
  2. It's All About Validation\
  3. Choosing Your Tools
  4. Managing Information With Lists And Tables
  5. Making Connections With Links
  6. Adding Images, Sound, and Video
  7. Creating Forms

Part 02: Styling With CSS

  1. ColoringYour World
  2. Styling Text
  3. Selectors: Coding With Class And Style
  4. Borders And Backgrounds
  5. Levels Of CSS
  6. CSS Special Effects

Part 03: Building Layouts With CSS

  1. Fun With The Fabulous Float
  2. Building Floating Page Layouts
  3. Styling Lists And Menus
  4. Using Alternative Positioning

Part 04: Client-Side Programming With JavaScript

  1. Getting Started With JavaScript
  2. Talking To The Page
  3. Decisions, Arrays, And Objects
  4. Getting Valid Input
  5. Drawing On The Canvas
  6. Animations With The Canvas

Part 05: Server-Side Programming With PHP

  1. Getting Started On The server
  2. PHP And HTML Forms
  3. Using Control structures
  4. Working With Arrays
  5. Using Functions And Session Variables
  6. Working With Files And Directions
  7. Exceptions And Objects

Part 06: Managing Data WithMySQL

  1. Getting Started With Data
  2. Managing Data With MySQL
  3. Normalizing Your Data
  4. Putting Data Together With Joins
  5. Connecting PHP To A MySQL Database

Part 07: Integrating The Client And Server With AJAX

  1. AJAX Essentials
  2. Improving JavaScript and AJAX With JQuery
  3. Animating JQuery
  4. Using The JQuery User Interface Toolkit
  5. Improving Usability With JQuery
  6. Working With AJAX Data
  7. Going Mobile

Part 08: Moving From Pages To Sites

  1. Managing Your Servers
  2. Planning Your Sites
  3. Introducing Content Management Systems
  4. Editing Graphics
  5. Taking Control Of Content

These many chapters are covered in this book. Guys believe this book will be very helpful for you all.


This book PDF is not owned by me(Chetan Shidling). I am just sharing the PDF of HTML and CSS book which will be helpful for many students to gain knowledge. All credits of this book will go to the author. I am not promoting any piracy because this book PDF is already available on the internet.


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