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PDF Of Wireless Technologies

Information Of the Book

PDF Of Wireless Technologies | Free Download

Title: Wireless Technologies
Size: 15 MB
Page: 694
Page Color: Color Page
Year: 2008
Author: Krzysztof  Iniewski
Country: Boca Raton
Branch: Communication
Chapters: 22 Chapters
Edition: Old Edition

The author of this book is Krzysztof  Iniewski. I heartily thank to author for providing such a wonderful book "Wireless Technologies. All credit of this book goes to author Krzysztof  Iniewski.

Well, guys, if you are preparing for how wireless technology works, then this article is for you. This book is very useful for those who want to gain knowledge in Wireless Technology.

What is Wireless Technology?

Wireless Technology is a subject which deals with wireless communications like radio, SIM, etc. The wireless technology book is for electronics and communication engineering students.


  1. RF Building Blocks for the Next-Gen Wireless Systems
  2. Insights into CMOS Wireless Receivers toward a Universal Mobile Radio
  3. Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Technology
  4. Design Considerations for Integrated MIMO Radio Transceivers
  5. Cognitive Radio Spectrum-Sharing Technology
  6. Short-Distance Wireless and Its Opportunities
  7. Ultra-Low-Power RF Transceivers
  8. Human++: Emerging Technology for Body Area Networks
  9. Progress toward a Single-Chip Radio
  10. Digital RF Processor (DRPTM)
  11. Low Noise Amplifier
  12. Design of Silicon Integrated Circuit W-Band Low-Noise Amplifiers
  13. Power Amplifier Principles and Modern Design Techniques
  14. Phase-Locked Loop–Based Integer-N RF Synthesizer
  15. Frequency Synthesis for Multiband Wireless Networks
  16. Design of a Delta-Sigma Synthesizer for a Bluetooth Transmitter
  17. RFIC Parametric Converters: Device Modification, Circuit Design, Control Techniques
  18. CMOS Technology for Wireless Applications
  19. Distributed Effects and Coupling in RF Integrated Circuits
  20. Substrate Noise Coupling from Digital to Analog Circuits in Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits
  21. Microelectromechanical Resonators for RF Applications
  22. Membrane-Supported Millimeter-Wave Circuits Based on Silicon and GaAs Micromachining

These many chapters are covered in this book. Guys believe this book will be very helpful for you all.


This book PDF is not owned by me(Chetan Shidling). I am just sharing the PDF of this book which will be helpful for many students to gain knowledge. All credits of this book will go to the author. I am not promoting any piracy because this book PDF is already available on the internet.

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PDF Of Wireless Technologies

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