3 persons from Hyderabad feature in list of 100 richest Indians: Hurun

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Telangana becomes the 6th-largest number of billionaires in India while Hyderabad stands fourth, according to Hurun India Rich List 2021. As numerous as 56 individuals and families from Hyderabad own wealth of higher than Rs 1,000 crore. The city scored five billionaires during the last year.
The state holds a total of 63 billionaires, eight higher than 2020. 3 from Hyderabad have done it to the list of 100 richest Indians.
Murali Divi, a US-trained scientist, and owner of Hyderabad-based Divi Laboratories, a drug research firm is the most luscious Hyderabadi and 14th wealthiest person in the nation with a wealth of Rs 79,000 crore. His money increased by 61 percent over a year. He remained ranked 17th last year.
B. Parthasaradhi Reddy and the family of Hetero Labs list 58 in the list of richest Indians, against 81 last year. They have a revenue of Rs 26,100 crore, a maturity of 88 percent in a year.
The money of P.V. Ramprasad Reddy of Aurobindo Pharma Group has declined by 6%. He stands 86, a drop of 33 positions. Based in New Jersey, he has a revenue of Rs 19,000 crore.
All the 3 billionaires from Hyderabad highlighted in the list of 100 wealthiest Indians come from pharma, once over showing why Hyderabad is called the pharmaceutical hub of the nation.
According to the news, the Pharma sector provides the most important to the list of richest Indians with 130 entries that hold 40 billionaires. In 2021, the sector saw a 43 percent increase in cumulative wealth compared to 36 percent in 2020. The pharmaceutical area added 12 names to this year's list and added Rs 3,45,900 crore revenue this year.
With 255 people Mumbai tops the list of richest India by New Delhi (167), Bengaluru (85). Hyderabad held the fourth position. Chennai overtook Ahmedabad in fifth place.

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