The producer described me 'Get nose job to get lead role': Saurabh Goyal


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Actor Saurabh Goyal in an interview has exposed that a notable producer previously told him to get a nose job done to get a leading role. He added, "He told me outright, 'What did you recall coming here'." Saurabh further said that he was told by people in the industry to arrange his teeth fixed. a resident of Nainital, Goyal came to the city in 2011 to continue acting. “A lot was told to me,” he says, “People from the industry and even extreme said, ‘if you are not a star son you won’t get credible work’, ‘you are an ordinary-looking guy, ‘get your teeth fixed,’ and such. However, I had confidence in myself. I never paid heed to their remarks and I didn’t get a nose job since I didn’t have the money for it or accepted in it.” READ MORE

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