Former Google executive, AI-powered sex robots will ultimately replace human relationships


A former Google executive's bold assertions that AI will indeed replace humans in one area—namely, in beds—have fueled the discussion over AI vs. humans. An important forecast regarding artificial intelligence (AI) was made by Mohammad "Mo" Gawdat, a former executive at Google. The story was first published on IANS, and the author predicts that AI-powered sex robots would grow so lifelike that it will be difficult for humans to tell them different from actual human partners.

Gawdat reportedly discussed this in an interview with Tom Bilyeu on the "Impact Theory" podcast on YouTube. According to Gawdat, AI will soon enable us to simulate sexual encounters using specialized headsets like Apple's Vision Pro or Quest 3, which provide virtual reality experiences. These headsets will give us the impression that we are engaging with real sex robots thanks to AI-powered bots.

Gawdat outlined how false stimuli can occasionally fool our brains into thinking they are the actual thing. It might be challenging for us to determine whether or not our experiences are real if AI can behave and feel like humans.

He also discussed the idea of a direct technological connection to our brains. We might no longer require a human companion in the future because this might give us the impression that we are conversing with and engaging with another individual.

Gawdat is aware that genuine interpersonal connections may be challenging and messy. He believes that AI may one day be so sophisticated that it will be able to replicate the mental and emotional aspects of being close to someone, such as having a friend or being in love.

Whether AI-powered bots should be regarded as "sentient," or have sentiments and ideas similar to those of humans, is still up for dispute. Gawdat contends that whether or not we believe an AI to be genuine is immaterial if we have a deep emotional connection to it.

Gawdat concludes that AI will alter the way we see love and romantic relationships. It can be challenging to distinguish between human and artificial interactions as technology advances. AI-powered relationships might become more typical and well-liked in society. However, this also raises significant issues regarding what is right or wrong, and we will need to consider these issues in the future.

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