Greek PM: Strengthening ties with India should be the cornerstone of the EU's foreign policy

New Delhi: Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, during his keynote address at this year's Raisina Dialogue, emphasized the imperative of fortifying the alliance with India, attributing to the nation a pivotal role as a consensus-builder and a voice of rationale amidst the escalating polarization across the globe.

Mitsotakis underscored India's stature as a significant power on the global platform and lauded its proactive engagement in combating climate change. He emphasized that the international community is now turning its gaze towards India more than ever before, acknowledging its pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of global discourse and tackling formidable challenges.

The Greek Prime Minister's remarks were directed at fostering closer ties between his country and India, recognizing India's strategic position as a nexus between the Mediterranean Sea and the Indo-Pacific. He outlined the potential for Greece to serve as India's natural gateway to Europe through the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC), leveraging its unique geographic location.

Moreover, Mitsotakis highlighted the strategic importance of the IMEC in fostering connectivity between India, the Middle East, and Europe, with Greece positioned at the epicenter of this transformative corridor. He emphasized Greece's proactive efforts to enhance port infrastructure and its pivotal role as a facilitator of maritime trade.

Furthermore, Mitsotakis underscored the significance of India's role in promoting peace and stability, particularly in light of ongoing conflicts in regions like Gaza and the Middle East. He emphasized India's reputation as a consensus-builder and a proponent of reason in an increasingly polarized global landscape.

Addressing the conflict in Ukraine, Mitsotakis emphasized its broader implications for international stability and underscored India's pivotal role in addressing the crisis. He highlighted India's voice as a critical component in shaping the global response to such challenges, emphasizing the need for a unified approach towards maintaining international order.

Additionally, Mitsotakis commended India's vibrant democracy and highlighted its resilience in the face of emerging threats. He underscored the importance of safeguarding democratic principles and called for greater vigilance in addressing contemporary challenges, particularly those posed by emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI).

In conclusion, Mitsotakis reiterated the significance of deepening Indo-Greek ties and emphasized the shared responsibility of both nations in shaping the contemporary global order. He underscored the potential for enhanced economic cooperation and underscored the importance of dialogue and collaboration in addressing global challenges.

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