In five years, 21,000 people committed suicide as a result of unemployment: YS Sharmila

According to Andhra Pradesh Congress chief YS Sharmila, the Jagan Mohan Reddy government stands accused of failing to uphold its commitments to the citizens, leading to widespread discontent. Sharmila made these allegations as she spearheaded a protest against the YSRCP administration, highlighting the issue of escalating unemployment in Andhra Pradesh. She expressed deep concern over the rising number of suicides among the unemployed populace, citing a staggering figure of over 21,000 individuals who have taken their lives due to joblessness in the state.

During a demonstration outside the party office in Vijayawada, Sharmila emphasized the gravity of the situation, questioning the government's accountability for the tragic deaths of countless young job seekers. She lamented the plight of unemployed graduates and post-graduates who struggle to secure gainful employment, often settling for menial wages to make ends meet.

Drawing attention to unfulfilled promises made by the government, Sharmila criticized its failure to address the issue of vacant job positions left unattended since the conclusion of Chandrababu Naidu's tenure. She raised pertinent questions regarding the unmet pledges of filling 2.30 lakh government jobs, issuing annual job calendars, and releasing a mega DSC notification for 23,000 teacher posts, all of which remain unrealized despite being promised before the government assumed power.

In a scathing comparison likening Jagan Reddy to the mythological figure Kumbakarna, Sharmila questioned whether the government had been inactive or indifferent to the plight of the people throughout its five-year tenure. She dismissed the recent announcement of a notification for 6,000 teacher posts as a mere election tactic, underscoring the administration's apparent lack of substantive action on critical issues.

Highlighting the limited progress made in job creation under Jagan Reddy's leadership, Sharmila noted that only 1.20 lakh positions had been filled, primarily consisting of government volunteers, with an additional 50,000 Road Transport Corporation employees absorbed into the public sector. She lamented the disillusionment of students and job seekers who had invested significant time and resources in preparing for government exams, only to face betrayal and disappointment.

Accusing the YSR Congress Party government of resorting to oppressive tactics, Sharmila alleged a crackdown on Congress workers ahead of the 'Chalo Secretariat' march, further exacerbating tensions between the ruling party and the opposition.

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