A Tamil Nadu minister was questioned about his pledge to provide every lady Rs 1,000

A group of women in Tirunelveli confronted Tamil Nadu Minister Anitha Radhakrishnan on Tuesday regarding his unfulfilled promise of providing Rs 1,000 to all women. The incident occurred while the minister was returning from a poll campaign in Tirunelveli, where the women blocked his convoy and demanded answers.

One woman from the crowd expressed disappointment, stating that the minister had pledged during his election campaign that every woman would receive Rs 1,000, but only half of them had received the promised amount. Other women in the group echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing their dissatisfaction with the unmet promise.

Minister Radhakrishnan briefly stepped out of his vehicle to address the women's concerns, assuring them that everyone would receive the money after the election. However, his response did little to appease the disgruntled crowd, who continued to voice their grievances, including the ongoing water crisis.

As the minister departed without fully addressing their concerns, the women expressed their frustration by loudly declaring that they would not vote for the DMK, the party to which Radhakrishnan belongs.

Anitha Radhakrishnan, representing the Thiruchendur constituency, currently serves as the Minister for Fisheries and Animal Husbandry in the MK Stalin-led government in Tamil Nadu.

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