"BJP doesn't comprehend Tamil Nadu," Karti Chidambaram said in the midst of the Katchatheevu dispute

In an exclusive interview with India Today TV, Congress leader Karti Chidambaram dismissed the BJP's attempt to bring up the Katchatheevu issue, stating that such emotive issues would not benefit the BJP in the upcoming polls. Chidambaram criticized the BJP for its lack of understanding of Tamil Nadu's dynamics and highlighted the party's tendency to engage in fictitious historical battles, suggesting that the Katchatheevu matter holds little relevance in the state's current political landscape.

Addressing Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent comments on the Katchatheevu issue, Chidambaram emphasized that the issue has been settled between India and Sri Lanka, and attempting to revive it reflects the BJP's detachment from reality. He questioned the BJP's focus on emotive issues and suggested that the Prime Minister should instead address more pressing concerns, such as Chinese incursions in northeastern India.

Chidambaram criticized the BJP's efforts to promote Tamil language and heritage, dismissing them as inadequate compared to the allocation for Sanskrit. He questioned the authenticity of symbolic gestures, such as the passing of the baton ceremony, and accused the BJP of engaging in myth-making and symbolism rather than substantive action.

Regarding the mood on the ground in Tamil Nadu, Chidambaram emphasized the state's desire for a government that respects its sentiments and rights, rejecting the prospect of a Hindi-Hindutva government. He expressed confidence in an overwhelming victory for the DMK-Congress alliance in the upcoming polls, predicting a dismal performance by the BJP, which he believed would finish third in the state.

Chidambaram dismissed the significance of the Prime Minister's visits to Tamil Nadu, highlighting the lack of tangible outcomes resulting from such visits. He criticized the BJP's presence in Tamil Nadu, characterizing it as limited to cyberspace and lacking grassroots support.

Identifying price rise as a key concern among voters, Chidambaram highlighted other issues such as lack of job opportunities and fiscal disparity. He expressed apprehension over the BJP's cultural nationalism agenda, warning against potential amendments to the Constitution and interference in religious practices.

Responding to Prime Minister Modi's criticism of the Congress's approach to the judiciary, Chidambaram argued that laws have been weaponized and underscored the importance of upholding democratic principles in the upcoming elections. He framed the elections as a choice between democracy and totalitarianism, emphasizing the need to prevent institutional collapse and centralization of power in the Prime Minister's office.

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