Daughter of Sarabjit Singh on his killer's death: "At first, I was satisfied, but..." | Exclusive

Swapandeep Kaur, daughter of Sarabjit Singh, expressed her initial sense of satisfaction upon hearing the news of her father's killer's demise in Lahore. However, she swiftly realized that this event did not equate to justice. In an exclusive interview with India Today TV, Swapandeep emphasized that what her family truly sought was a trial to uncover the circumstances surrounding Sarabjit Singh's death and to identify those responsible.

Amir Sarfaraz, a notorious underworld figure in Pakistan, who was responsible for Sarabjit Singh's death in jail, was reportedly gunned down by two unidentified assailants in Lahore. Sarabjit Singh, a native of Punjab, had been sentenced to death in Pakistan on charges of espionage and involvement in bomb attacks in Lahore and Faisalabad, resulting in 14 fatalities in 1990. He met his demise within the confines of Kot Lakhpat Jail in Lahore in 2013 after spending 23 years behind bars.

Reflecting on her reaction to Sarfaraz's demise, Swapandeep shared with India Today TV, "Initially, I felt a sense of satisfaction, but then I realized that this was not true justice."

She also alleged that the Pakistani government played a role in orchestrating Sarabjit Singh's death in 2013. According to Swapandeep, releasing Sarabjit at that time would have potentially led to revelations about his mistreatment in Pakistan.

Furthermore, she speculated that the Pakistani government may have been complicit in Amir Sarfaraz's killing. Swapandeep suggested that if multiple individuals were involved in her father's brutal murder, then eliminating Sarfaraz could be an attempt to conceal the conspiracy surrounding the incident.

Swapandeep also disclosed to India Today TV that her father, in his final letter, lamented being subjected to slow poisoning and inhumane treatment behind bars. She recounted a chilling excerpt from his letter, where Sarabjit allegedly wrote about prison officials threatening him and expressing their intent to prevent his safe return to India, despite the widespread support for him in his homeland.

Additionally, Swapandeep revealed that her father's diary, containing detailed accounts of his experiences in Pakistan, was not returned with his body after his demise.

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