India's embassy in Israel has released a new warning following Iran's attack during the night

Following the series of missile and drone attacks launched by Iran and its allies on Israel, the Indian mission in Tel Aviv took proactive measures by issuing a fresh advisory for Indian nationals residing in the region. The advisory emphasized the importance of remaining calm and adhering to safety protocols in light of the escalating tensions. Despite the severity of the situation, no country has initiated evacuations for their citizens, although several, including the US, have issued cautionary advisories.

In response to the attacks, schools in Israel have temporarily closed, while government offices and private businesses continue to operate, albeit under heightened security measures. The Israeli Defence Forces reported a high success rate in intercepting the projectiles launched by Iran but underscored that the threat remains ongoing.

Iran, in a bold move, warned of potential further aggression should Israel retaliate, even suggesting the targeting of US military installations if Washington supports Israeli actions. This warning has prompted heightened international concern and diplomatic efforts to prevent further escalation.

Despite the gravity of the situation, Hamas, a Palestinian militant group, justified Iran's attack as a legitimate response to perceived aggression from Israel. Meanwhile, global diplomatic initiatives are underway to de-escalate tensions in a region already grappling with multiple conflicts, including Israel's offensive in Gaza and ongoing hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Analysts speculate about the potential impact of a retaliatory strike by Israel, particularly in light of the upcoming elections in the United States. Concerns are raised over the potential disruption to the oil market and broader economic stability, which could influence the reelection prospects of US President Joe Biden.

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