Leading member of the Uttarakhand Congress steps down, citing dynastic politics finishing party

Rajesh Rastogi, a prominent leader within the Uttarakhand Congress, resigned from all his posts within the party, including his positions as PCC general secretary and Seva Dal's state chief. In his resignation letter addressed to Congress leadership, including Mallikarjun Kharge, Karan Mahara, and Kumari Selja, Rastogi cited his concerns over dynastic politics, factionalism, and alleged ticket selling within the party.

Rastogi criticized former Chief Minister Harish Rawat for securing a ticket for his son from the Haridwar Lok Sabha seat, suggesting that such actions contribute to the decline of the Congress party. He lamented the growing influence of dynastic politics within the party, warning that if not addressed, it could prevent the Congress from even being a viable opposition force.

Expressing his disappointment with the party's decision-making process, Rastogi claimed that had an honest and clean leader like Pritam Singh been projected as the chief ministerial candidate in the 2017 assembly elections, the Congress might still be in power in Uttarakhand.

Rastogi also highlighted the discontent among senior leaders who were overlooked for tickets, particularly in the Haridwar Lok Sabha constituency. He suggested that more defections from the Congress party could occur if the issue of dynastic politics is not addressed promptly.

The resignation of Rajesh Rastogi adds to the series of setbacks faced by the Uttarakhand Congress, which has witnessed a recent exodus of leaders, including sitting legislators and former MLAs, further weakening the party's position ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

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