PM demands that Rahul Gandhi "wipe out Congress" in response to his "fire" remark

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a sharp attack on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi during a poll rally in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand. He criticized Gandhi for suggesting that the country would face turmoil if the BJP were to win the upcoming Lok Sabha elections for a third term.

PM Modi referred to Gandhi as "shehzada" (prince), a term often used by BJP leaders to mock the Congress scion. He accused the Congress and its allies of desperation due to being out of power and urged voters to remove the party from every part of the country.

PM Modi condemned Gandhi's statement about setting the country on fire if the BJP were to win, questioning the appropriateness of such language in a democracy. He accused Congress of having an "Emergency mindset" and inciting people against the electoral mandate.

Asserting his commitment to fighting corruption, PM Modi stated that action against corrupt individuals would continue unabated. He dismissed threats and abuse from corrupt individuals, emphasizing that they would not deter him from pursuing justice.

The Prime Minister's remarks came in response to Rahul Gandhi's recent speech at Delhi's Ramlila Maidan, where Gandhi warned against potential changes to the Constitution if the BJP were to win through alleged "match-fixing." Gandhi had warned that such actions could lead to unrest in the country.

PM Modi's criticism of Gandhi occurred amidst a backdrop of opposition unity displayed at the 'Loktantra Bachao' rally in Ramlila Maidan, where leaders from various opposition parties came together to protest against the arrest of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and JMM chief Hemant Soren.

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