The narrative is not told by Shamar's figures: Narine defends LSG pacer following a lackluster debut

In the IPL 2024 clash between Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) on April 14, KKR's Sunil Narine stood up for LSG pacer Shamar Joseph following his challenging IPL debut. Despite Joseph's difficult outing, where he leaked 47 runs without taking a wicket, Narine offered support for the West Indian bowler.

Joseph, who joined LSG as a replacement for Mark Wood, encountered a tough initiation into the IPL, facing KKR's formidable batting lineup. His performance contrasted sharply with the anticipation surrounding his debut, fueled by his impressive showing for the West Indies against Australia earlier in the year. However, Joseph's struggle to find consistency in line and length, compounded by lapses in fielding from LSG, led to a challenging outing.

Speaking after KKR's victory, Narine commended Joseph's effort despite the unfavorable figures, emphasizing his commitment and pace. He expressed confidence in Joseph's ability to bounce back from the setback.

Following the defeat, LSG captain KL Rahul acknowledged the team's disappointing performance, characterizing it as a "proper hammering." Reflecting on Joseph's display, Rahul noted the pacer's enthusiasm and pace but suggested a need for improvement in consistency.

As LSG regroups for their upcoming fixture against Chennai Super Kings (CSK) on April 19, the focus will be on rectifying their performance and returning to winning ways in the tournament.

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