Tamil Nadu Congress chief Annamalai and he dispute over a 'history-sheeter' joke

Selvaperunthagai, the Tamil Nadu Congress President, demanded an apology from K Annamalai for calling him a "history-sheeter," threatening legal action for defamation if Annamalai failed to comply. In response on Wednesday, Annamalai stood by his remarks, asserting that he listed Selvaperunthagai's criminal cases out of necessity.

Annamalai made the contentious remark while addressing reporters after offering condolences to the family of the murdered BSP leader, K Armstrong. He claimed that the BJP has no members with criminal backgrounds, a statement that prompted Selvaperunthagai to retaliate with accusations against the BJP's recruitment practices under Annamalai's leadership.

Selvaperunthagai claimed that since Annamalai assumed office, the BJP had inducted 261 individuals with a combined 1,971 pending cases, some of whom had been appointed as office-bearers. He challenged Annamalai to prove his allegations, asserting, "When Annamalai took charge as the Tamil Nadu BJP chief, he appointed A+ grade rowdies and anti-social elements into the party, 261 of them who have 1,971 pending cases on them. But he called me a history-sheeter. So I asked him to prove it."

Annamalai countered by challenging Selvaperunthagai to find any incriminating information about him, vowing to quit politics if any was discovered. "Let him go to areas I have served and meet all the people. If he can bring any dirt against me, I will quit politics," Annamalai said.

Annamalai further criticized Selvaperunthagai, questioning the Congress leader's credibility and highlighting his past legal issues. "Congress is a very old party. Is there any state in India where the Congress state president has gone to jail after being booked under the Goondas Act for murder? He (Selvaperunthagai) came out of the Goondas Act and became state president. He has switched from five political parties," Annamalai remarked.

"Selvaperunthagai sits on a high post and calls anyone who joins the BJP a rowdy. What locus standi does he have to talk about us? He calls himself a disciple of Gandhi and has gone to jail under the Goondas Act, has PMLA and CBI cases, and multiple other FIRs against him. I have taken it as a personal mission to go after fellows like Selvaperunthagai," the BJP leader concluded.

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