After a fire breaks out at the Kota hostel, eight students are hurt; the owner is being sued

A significant blaze erupted in a boys' hostel situated in Kota, Rajasthan, resulting in injuries to at least eight students. Authorities have initiated legal action against the hostel owner for alleged negligence.

The incident unfolded on Sunday morning in Kota's Landmark City, located under the jurisdiction of the Kunhari police station, around 6:30 am. Initial findings suggest that a short circuit within an electric transformer, situated on the ground floor of the five-story hostel, triggered the inferno. While forensic experts are endeavoring to determine the precise cause, early indications point to electrical malfunction.

Of the eight students injured, one suffered severe burns, prompting swift medical attention. All affected students were relocated to an alternative hostel, where provisions were made for their sustenance. Present during the incident were over 60 coaching students residing within the five-story structure.

In a desperate attempt to escape the conflagration, one student sustained a leg fracture after leaping from the first-floor window alongside fellow residents.

Recounting the ordeal, injured student Arpit Pandey shared with India Today TV, "I was asleep when the lights suddenly went out. Assuming it to be routine, I awaited their restoration. However, as the situation intensified, and with no signs of illumination, I felt suffocated and ventured outside. To my dismay, the hostel was engulfed in thick smoke."

Confirming the details, Kota ASP Amrita Duhani clarified that the blaze, initiated by a ground-floor short circuit, rapidly ascended, causing extensive structural damage. Of the 75 rooms within the building, 61 were occupied at the time of the incident.

Authorities raised concerns over the absence of adequate fire safety measures within the hostel premises, highlighting the lack of a fire safety certificate. Moreover, the installation of a substantial transformer within the hostel complex has drawn criticism.

In response to the lapses, legal proceedings have been initiated against the hostel proprietor for purported negligence in ensuring requisite fire safety measures.

The investigation into the incident remains ongoing as authorities strive to ascertain all contributing factors.

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