Israel-Iran tensions are a major problem that alarms everyone. Jaishankar S

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar emphasized the necessity for an immediate de-escalation following Iran's launch of a multitude of missiles and drones toward Israel. He labeled the situation as a "matter of deep concern." Jaishankar's comments came in the wake of Iran's extensive use of drones, ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles aimed directly at Israel from Iranian territory, resulting in damage to an air base.

During an exclusive discussion with India Today, S Jaishankar remarked, "This development is a matter of deep concern because it signifies an escalation in the ongoing situation, which is worrisome for all of us."

"We have been monitoring the situation in that region for some time, commencing with the October 7 attack on Israel, which has further escalated into other dimensions and zones, causing deep apprehension. India holds particular interests in that region," he added.

India continues to closely monitor the evolving situation in the region and has advised its citizens to exercise caution.

"At present, we have advised individuals against traveling to Israel or Iran. Those who are already present in these areas have been urged to exercise utmost caution. This precautionary measure is the prudent course of action for the moment. We will continue to observe developments closely, and if necessary, issue advisories or take appropriate measures," Jaishankar informed India Today.

The Iranian drone incursion into Israeli territory on Sunday represents a significant escalation in the ongoing covert conflict between the two nations.

US President Joe Biden stated that the United States assisted Israel in intercepting "nearly all the incoming drones and missiles." His remarks followed a telephone conversation between Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after the Iranian attack.

Several countries, including the US, UK, Germany, Argentina, and France, have condemned Iran's assault on Israel. India has also urged both Iran and Israel to exercise restraint.

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