Workers at the fallen Baltimore bridge are still removing concrete and steel

As dive teams assisted crews in the complicated operation of removing debris from the fallen Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, some reflected on the six workers presumed to have died in the collapse. Rev. Ako Walker held a Mass in Spanish at Sacred Heart of Jesus, emphasizing the need to improve the treatment of migrant workers.

The bridge collapsed early Tuesday after the crew of the cargo ship Dali lost power and control, resulting in two survivors, two bodies found in a submerged pickup, and four men presumed dead. Weather conditions and tangled debris underwater have hindered search efforts for their bodies.

Salvage crews are working to remove each part of the bridge from the water, which will be lifted onto a barge and floated downstream to be inspected. The operation's success will influence the timeline for reopening the ship channel and the Port of Baltimore.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore stressed the importance of the National Transportation Safety Board investigation to prevent similar incidents in the future. The crew of the Dali remains onboard the ship, which is entangled in thousands of tons of debris.

Efforts are underway to rebuild the bridge, completed in 1977, with President Joe Biden's administration pledging to cover the costs. However, the timeline for constructing the new bridge remains uncertain, as engineers need to assess the condition of ramps and smaller bridges leading to the collapsed section.

Congress is expected to consider aid packages for those affected by the closure of the Port of Baltimore, which handles significant cargo. Mayor Brandon Scott emphasized the national significance of the incident and the need for bipartisan support in addressing its impact.

The Small Business Administration will open a center to assist affected businesses, while Sacred Heart of Jesus reached out to the families of the workers, emphasizing solidarity with the Latino community and the importance of supporting migrant workers striving to improve their lives.

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