California's Highway 1 partially collapses, leaving vehicles and cars stranded

The collapse of a section of California's scenic Highway 1 during an Easter weekend storm led to closures and stranded motorists near Big Sur, prompting authorities to urge people to avoid the area. The collapse occurred amid heavy rain on Saturday afternoon near Rocky Creek Bridge, about 17 miles south of Monterey. Chunks of asphalt tumbled into the ocean from the southbound side of the two-lane road.

As a result, the highway was closed in both directions as engineers assessed the damage. Authorities worked on a plan to evacuate motorists from the area. By Sunday noon, crews determined that travel in the northbound lane was safe, and periodic convoys began escorting motorists around the damaged section. Approximately 300 cars were waiting to travel northbound, with some motorists having slept in their cars overnight and others finding shelter at the nearby Big Sur Lodge.

Caltrans spokesperson Kevin Drabinski stated that periodic convoys would continue in the coming days as crews worked on shoring up the highway. He advised people to avoid the area due to other closures caused by rocks and debris in lanes.

Highway 1, famous for its scenic views, has experienced frequent closures due to collapses, mudflows, and rockslides during severe weather. The recent storm, while not an atmospheric river like many previous storms, brought heavy rain to lower elevations and significant snowfall to Sierra Nevada ski resorts around Lake Tahoe.

The storm lingered over Southern California, where showers, thunderstorms, lightning, and damaging winds remained possible for parts of Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles counties until Sunday night or into Monday.

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