George Clooney, an actor and fundraiser for Biden, requests that the president step away from the race

George Clooney, a lifelong Democrat and prominent movie star, has joined the chorus calling for Joe Biden to step down from the presidential race. In a New York Times opinion piece, Clooney expressed his admiration for Biden but warned that his nomination would likely result in losses for the Democratic Party in both the presidential race and control of Congress.

Clooney cited conversations with senators, congress members, and governors, stating that they share his concerns about Biden's viability as a nominee. Despite hosting fundraisers for Biden and supporting him previously, Clooney emphasized the need for the party to select a new nominee at its upcoming convention, despite acknowledging that the process would be tumultuous.

Biden has remained steadfast in his refusal to withdraw from the race, despite criticism following a lackluster debate performance against Donald Trump, the presumed Republican nominee.

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