Trump invites Biden to a golf match; further discussion

Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for the upcoming presidential election, has issued challenges to President Joe Biden, proposing both a debate and an 18-hole golf match to prove himself. Trump made these offers at a campaign rally in Florida, suggesting they would give Biden a chance to redeem his image after a perceived weak debate performance in June.

Trump proposed a debate without moderators, calling it a "man-to-man" showdown where Biden could demonstrate his presidential mettle. He also challenged Biden to a golf match, promising to donate USD 1 million to a charity of Biden's choice if he won.

However, the Biden campaign swiftly dismissed both challenges, characterizing them as distractions from Trump's own shortcomings and focusing on Biden's responsibilities in leading the country.

James Singer, a spokesperson for the Biden-Harris 2024 campaign, criticized Trump's proposals as "weird antics" and described Trump himself in harsh terms, accusing him of being a "liar, a convict, and a fraud." Singer highlighted Biden's focus on governance and leadership, contrasting it with what he portrayed as Trump's diversionary tactics.

The exchanges underscore the ongoing rivalry and political maneuvering between the two camps as the election season intensifies.

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